What we believe:

We believe that God created the whole universe and gave us human beings a special place within it.someone_to_believe-1680x1050

God loves us and wants us to enjoy friendship with Him forever, but we have made a mess of our lives and of our world by ignoring his instructions and going our own way. This has alienated us from God, so he has provided a way, through Jesus, to bridge the gap between us and Him, allowing us to make a new start and get to know Him.

Jesus lived a real and perfect human life on earth and showed by example and teaching what God is like.  We know about Jesus’ time on earth, and God’s relationship with His people, by studying the Bible which, though a collection of ancient writings, we believe to have been inspired by God.

By his suffering and death, Jesus took the punishment for all our imperfections and opened up the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

Jesus rose to life again, showing that he had defeated death and made a way for all who trust and follow him to enjoy life with God for ever.

After Jesus rose from death and had been seen by his followers he returned to Heaven, but he didn’t leave us alone on the earth. God’s Holy Spirit is our companion and our guide in our earthly life, helping us to become the kind of people God intended us to be.

At St. John’s we have people at all stages of their Christian life, from those newly exploring the possibility of faith to those with a long-standing firmly held conviction.

 ALL of us have questions and sometimes doubts and NONE of us is perfect.

 We do know that knowing, loving and sharing Jesus is an ongoing journey

– we invite you to share in that journey with us.


We regularly run Christian basics courses for those enquiring about the Christian faith. If you think you might like to join one of these please ring Revd Andy (Tel 623483) for a chat about when the next one is coming up.

If you would like to explore Christian ideas further why not take a look at  http://christianity.org.uk/