Our Sunday Groups run during our Sunday morning services here at St John’s. The children & young people will stay in for the beginning of the service where we’ll worship together as a church family, and the theme of the service will be introduced. They then go out to their groups where they’ll be learning about God and growing in a relationship with him. They do this through different games, crafts and discussions. We have two Sunday Groups for different ages:

Sunday Club and Pathfinders
During term time there is provision for all children during Sunday morning services, either through Sunday Club or Pathfinders. Occasionally, during school holidays, activities will be provided at the back of church for children to complete under the supervision of their parents or a volunteer helper.

Special Services
Sometimes at St John’s we’ll have all-age services where the entire service is done to engage with everyone that attends, from the youngest to the oldest. We love these services as we get to worship and learn together as an entire church family. All-age services happen around once a month or on special occasions and often start with toast!

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