The PCC, or Parochial Church Council, is a team made up of clergy and lay (i.e. not clergy!) members of the church. Together they are responsible for the overall wellbeing, practical as well as spiritual, of our church, our church members and the church buildings. The PCC also has a duty to promote the mission of the church within the wider community.

The PCC has Officer roles – a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer and secretary and will usually be elected to office at its first meeting after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM).

The minutes from the last PCC meeting are on the board in the entrance to church for anyone to read and respond to. Please talk to a PCC member if you have any queries.

Minutes from 2018 meetings

Minutes 1 January 2018

Minutes February 2018

Minutes from 2017 meetings

PCC Minutes January 2017

PCC Minutes 2 February 2017

PCC Minutes 3 March 2017

PCC Minutes 4 May 2017

PCC Minutes 5 June 2017

PCC Minutes 6 July 2017

PCC Minutes 7 September 2017

PCC Minutes 8 October 2017

PCC Minutes 9 November 2017