Our Levellers groups are for any children & young people that want to come and join us! At all of our groups we’ll have games, crafts, a short Bible study & snacks. As well as all of this we often take trips out & organise special events. Our groups run on Tuesday,  Wednesday and Thursdays during term time. More information about the ages & times for each group is below.

1 takes place on Thursdays from 5.30pm until 6.45pm. The group is for infant school aged children (Years R-Y2.)

Level 2 takes place on Tuesdays from 6pm until 7:30pm. The group is for junior school aged children (Y3 – Y6.)

Level 3 takes place on Thursdays from 7:15pm until 9:00pm. The group is for young people in Years 7 -9.

A furious battle of Mario Kart on the Wii  Digging in the mud and planting some seeds at Level 1 Our best decorated Christmas 'tree'